Introduction: Halar ECTFE is an alternated copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifuorethlene . due to its chemical structure halar offers s unique combination of properties . halar provides excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulting properties combined with a broad – use temperature range from cryogenic to 150 c.

Pharma and chemical industry manufacturing process involved use of ingredients and unit operation Witch may result in generation of static electrical charge . many processes carried out in the halar coated equipments . since halar is good electrical insultor , this accumulation of static charge in the surface of equipment may ignite combustible mixture in the coated equipment.

Anti-static halar or conductive halar coating is good conductor of the static charge developed duration process with no compromise on chemical resistance equipment coated with this material will facilitate to removal of charge from every part on surface….

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Flurotech has experience in conductive halar coating. Fuloro successfully complted job like centrifuge of 24”, 36” 48”, 60” size pipe lines filters tanks columns level indicators , autoclaves and custom made parts of the equipments etc..

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