Halar ECTFE (Ethylene- chlorotrifluorethylene) is an alternated copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluorethylene. It is a semi crystalline and thermoprocessable fluoropolymer from solvay solexis Manufactured at it ISO- Certified plant in Orange , Texax USA.

Due to its chemical structure halar offers unique combination of properties . halar provides excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties combined with a broad – use temperature range from cryogenic to 150 C . it is tough material with excellent impact strnght over its broad use temperature range . halar is one of the best fluoropolymer for both abrasion and permeation resistance because of its tight internal structure. .


1) Mechanically tough with excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
2) Works from full vacuum to Kg/cm2
3) High tensile and elongation
4) Outstanding impact at room temperature and down into the ceyogenic..
5) Dimensionally stable
6) Excellent release Property
7) Resistant to Cobalt- 60 radiation
8) High purity: it does not contaminate high purity fluids
9) Easy fabricated into complex shapes by normal melt process able technique
10) Extremely smooth surface
11) For use in alkaline area up to pH14

Job Completed

Fluoro tech has decade experience in halar(ECTFE) coating. FlUOROtech Successfully completed job like centrifuge of 24”, 36”48”,60” size valves , pipe lines filters tanks of 100 lts to 3 Kl, columns, vacuume, tray dryers level indicators, autocalaves and custom made parts of the equipments etc…

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