Dupoint tefzel is a modified ETFE (). Fluoro- poloymer tefzel combines superior mechanical toughness with an outstanding chemical interness that approaches that of Teeflon fluoro-polmer resins. Tefzel fluoro-polymers is melt-processible thermo plastics. This is part of the Dupont family of fluorine –based products. Tefzel is weather resistant , insert to most solvents and chemicals and is hydrolycally stable. It has substantially better resistance to radiation electrically Tefzel is an excellent low loss dielectric with a uniformity of electrical properties not normally found with other thermoplastics . tefzel can best an outstanding balance of stiffness (1,170 MPa, 170,000 psi), impact and abrasion resistance . Tefzel is typically considered to have a no load continuous use temperature of 150C(302 F).


Tefzel has outstanding resistance to attack by chemicals and solvents that often cause rapid deterioration of other plastic materials. It is surpasses only Teflon in resistance to chemicals.. tefzel is insert to many strong mineral acids, inorganic bases, halogens and metal salt solutions . carboxylic acids anhydrides , aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons alcohols, aldehydes , ketones ethers , esters, chlorocarbons, and classic polymer solvents have little on Tefzel..

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Fluoro tech has got wide experience in tefzel (ETFE) coating . fluortech successfully completed job like centrifuge of 24 , 36, 48. Size valves pipe lines filters, tanks of 100 lts to 3 kL etc…


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